Thursday, February 6, 2014

Affair of the Heart

Every year in Oklahoma City, there is a big arts/craft show called Affair of the Heart. This year in exchange for working a booth for a friend, he is letting me put some of my work in his booth. This is what I will have for sale!

This is an old screen I found. I painted a rusty red cross in the center directly on the screen. The wooden frame is a hod podge of colors - blue, green, and white. Next, I added the green water valves and a painted red handle at the top. There is an old-fashioned looking key on one side with an old clothes pin on the other side. At the bottom are five hooks. I thought it would be great to hang jewelry on or maybe for keys...who knows! It was a lot of fun to make. $40.00

The following is a collection of frames I painted and decorated. $10.00 each

This cross was actually done by my daughter, Caroline. Isn't it cute! $20.00

 These are crosses that I made. $20.00 each

These larger crosses are $30.00 each.

This is a little mixed media piece I did. It is on a small canvas. The flower is made of wire and tissue paper. $12.00

A painted and decorated frame

Mirror - $20.00

 "Wild Heart" - Mixed Media $75.00

An OSU chalkboard - $15.00

Repurposed books - $20.00

From trash to treasure....I found this wooden box in a friend's shed. I gave it a distressed paint look and finished it off with some hardware on the top. $40.00

Same shed, same friend....a great old shutter that was just plain wood. I painted it a 
distressed black and added the turquoise hardware. $30.00

After digging around in an old grain bin filled with junk, I found this old metal frame. It was incredibly rusty, but I cleaned it up, painted it, and made it into a corkboard. $20.00