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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wooden Cross with Leather and Metal Details

This wooden cross is embellished with a leather belt, old metal pieces, and barbed wire. - $30.00

Black Cross with Turquoise Knob Detail

This 18" x 12" wooden cross is painted a distressed black and adorned with an ornate turquoise knob.

Wooden Cross with Metal and Leather Embellishments

This 22" x 14" Cross has a metal and leather flower in the center.

Wooden Cross with Metal Junk Embellishments

This 23.5" x 14" wooden cross is embellished with objects found in my studio.


Funky Angel Cross

Spare parts laying around my studio became a funky angel on a cross. I'll let you figure out what everything is! 19" x 11"


"Believe" Sign with Glitter

This 10" x 2.5" standing "Believe" sign is black and coated with glitter!