Thursday, November 24, 2011

Linda's Mixed Media Painting

My mom's best friend, Linda, had seen some of the mixed-media/collages I had done and asked me to do one for her.  She had certain elements she wanted included in the piece.  This piece is all about family.

The two trees on the right represent Doug and Linda, the five trees on the left represent Rod, Juleah, Luke, Ava, and Zeke.  There are many other hidden meanings behind everything on the piece that made it very meaningful to Linda.  She was very happy with the piece.

Mural at Kristi's Barbershop

My sister recently moved to Mooreland, Oklahoma.  She is opening a barbershop and asked me to paint a mural for her.  This was the first and only mural I have ever painted, so I was nervous.  But here are the results.