Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vintage Handkerchief Curtain

For years now, I have had several vintage handkerchiefs that belonged to my grandmother. I loved the designs on them and really wanted to do something special with them. Nothing ever seemed just right. Recently, I was working on decorating the small entry way to my house and needed a window treatment. On one window I used a small white linen piece that I found at a garage sale for fifty cents. But, I needed a treatment for the other window. I remembered the handkerchiefs.

I pulled them out, gave them a quick ironing and then wondered how I would actually hang them. I thought of curtain rings with hooks, but then I remembered an old piece of metal that I pulled out of the ground near my mother's house in eastern Oklahoma. I had a couple of pieces that might be the right size. They were "S" shape. Maybe an old heating element? I went to the studio and dug out the two remaining pieces. Separately, they were too short. Together, the perfect length. I used some wire to connect them, then hung the handkerchiefs by simply pinning them on so they design of the handkerchief would be completely visible.

I really like how they turned out. They are unique and personal. This is the result...

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